We all know the saying, “The only certain thing in life is death and taxes.” 
It’s unfortunate that Americans spend countless hours every year on tax returns
but won’t spend one second preparing for the ultimate, inevitable life event — death.

Society seems to follow an “unspoken rule” regarding the preparation for death.  Unless someone is old or terminally ill, the norm is for us to live our lives and let someone else deal with the details when our last breath is exhaled. 

In addition, our culture teaches us death is not acceptable to think about, discuss, or heaven forbid plan for.  Since it's not going to be our problem once we're gone, why worry about it while we’re alive?

The reality is that death is hard enough on those who are left behind without the additional stress of choosing a casket, determining a funeral program, or deciding what to feed people at the reception.

After losing a loved one, logic and emotion shouldn’t be forced to hold hands; yet standard practices command family and friends to do just that.  The stress and confusion over how to handle important decisions while preparing a funeral to honor the deceased’s life is a nightmare... But someone dies in America every twelve seconds. 

And that’s a lot of heartache. 

The unanswered question is "Why?"  Why do we allow ourselves to be in such fragile positions?Why don’t we care more about what happens to those who are left behind after we die?   

Maybe we’re selfish.  Maybe death is too overwhelming to plan for or prepare for on paper. 
Maybe we think it’s a crazy exercise to do while we're young(er).  But we must remember, we all won’t live to the average age, and we all won’t die in our sleep at age 90. 

The bottom line is that it's time to change the way things are done... not for ourselves, but for those people we love.

This Web site was created to transform the way our society thinks about —
and plans for — death.  It might not change your life, but it could change someone else's for the better.

Someday, someone that you love dearly will be thankful you took the time to visit this
site and use the FREE resources that have been made available to you. 

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